... lot. I’ve asked my doctor and her nurses and have got answers back... but I’m still confused.

So here’s my questions for you.

1. I want to put my Nuvaring in before my period starts.
This will be my very first one by the way.
Can I do that? Or will it mess my body up? Hormonally & when I get my period in September?

My husband and I want to have children and aren’t ready quiet yet.

2. I was also told by my doctors nurse that I have to insert and take out the same day at the same time. Is this true?

3. And lastly on my prescription for my Nuvaring. It says to have the Nuvaring in for 4 weeks. Take out for a week and reinsert. My doctor’s nurse said to take it out at 3 Weeks.
So which do I do??

Thank in advance for all the help!! I appreciate it!