... I’m hoping someone else here may have had similar seizures & what medicine is taken. I’ve only had 2 grand mal. 1 bad enough that I didn’t wake up until I was in the emergency room where I was transported by ambulance, my 10 yr old called 911.
My usual seizure in a nut shell, I feel it coming, tingly, panic, deja vu feeling this happens very quick always in that order, I know these are very typical. However, it feels like there’s a “stage 2” & I go completely numb only & always on my left side from head to toe, after that I don’t remember anything. I lose all awareness but rarely consciousness. My family explains how they help me while I violently throw up and then sleep. I won’t remember anything about that day. My appetite, mood, balance & memory are all off afterwards and sometimes for days. My long term memory has been severely affected. I’m missing major events that I’ve experienced. All tests show no signs of epilepsy. I take 500 mgs 2xs a day of Keppra which side effects have made me start taking a small dose of Celexa (only 4 days in). Keppra turned my manageable depression into debilitating suffering but that’s another story. Thank you all in advance.