... and anxiety. It does not go on constantly but I go thru it sometimes due to deadlines etc. It happened last winter for about a month and it got really bad. I told my doctor when I went to see him but told him I was no longer experiencing it but I had been really stressed and almost felt like I was going to have a heart attack several times it had been so bad. I told him that due to my job I could be dealing with it again in the future and asked if there was anything he could prescribe when I'm dealing with this. He told me that if it happened again to let him know and he would prescribe something. I was kind of thinking it would be some type of tranquilizer I could take when I was going thru these periods. A take as needed type drug but instead he has prescribed Prozac. I had thought Prozac was only for depression until I started reading about it yesterday. Still, I'm not sure this was the best route to take. The stress/anxiety I deal with is not really a constant thing but an occasional thing. I haven't taken it yet because I'm kind of scared too. Does anybody else here take Prozac more for anxiety than for depression? Maybe the stress has made me depressed but if so it's a mild depression. I did find that I was having trouble concentrating and with short term memory when the stress got bad. So maybe this will help out with everything? Just wondering if anybody else here takes it for the same reasons it was prescribed for me