Forty-eight years ago, my son (and only child) was born. I arranged - pre-birth - for a local pediatrician to see him immediately after birth; Dr. J was, at that time, the most highly recommended in town. My son was either born with cradle cap or developed it very shortly thereafter. The top of his head (the scalp under very blond hair) was orange-colored; it looked like it was soft, rather thick and could be scratched off by fingernail. Dr. J. said it was very common and called it cradle cap. A thick, orange dandruff. He told me to buy some PhisoHex and use it as shampoo to scrub my son's scalp. I was to use it every day and the CC would eventually go away. At that time it was available over-the-counter so didn't require a script. It also did not include any information such as I just read here about possible damage from side effects; neither did it warn to NOT use on babies. Likewise, Dr. J. did not mention any possible harm from using it. I will - at this time - make a very, very long story short and conclude my post for this time with the explanation that my son did not develop normally and much of the abnormality surrounds how his brain works. Our lives have been filled with horrendous aspects I won't spend time on right now. I'm wondering if any of you have knowledge of anyone ( yourself included) who has suffered brain damage that may be attributed to PhisoHex. I read and heard that there ARE people who fit this description and that the makers of PhisoHex HAD to print warning(s) on bottle to NOT use as a shampoo on babies as their skull up top is thin and the Phiso can access the brain and damage it. I'm wondering if anything of a legal nature ever occurred or if the maker of PhisoHex got away scot free with only a label change. I'm not sure what caused PhisoHex to be scripted and/or what mandated the doctors/scrip writers to warn patients/guardians of potential harmful effects. I also wonder if the drug maker was fined by our government and if so, what was collected and how was it spent. Anyone with info on this, please provide what you know. It is so important. Thank you.