Hello, my name is Laura and I was prescribed 5 mg Citalopram (generic for Xelexa).
The first two weeks were fine, when my doctor told me to increase the dose from 5 to 10, I started experiencing joint pain. The pain was slowly increasing, on the 5th day after I increased the dose, my left hand was swollen and the pain I had was horrible. I can't describe how painful it was. Didn't know the joints can hurt so bad! Spoke to the psychiatrist, he said to stop taking the medication immediately (apparently it was a rare side effect). It's been a week since I stopped taking it. I have noticed that the function in my left arm is poor. The swelling and pain is better, but something is not the same. Can't even hold a heavy plate or bag. Don't have strength in that hand. If feels weak and often during the day, I have tingeing and numbness on this hand. I am very worried and want to know if anyone has experienced anything similar to this. Never had problems with Arthritis in my life, am not overweight, am excising and eating healthy. How can this be?