... weight issue because of the medication.

Currently i am taking citalpram , Ambien, Ambien CR, welbutrin .

My anxiety has gotten worse i believe and i am starting to have anxiety attack at night and recently now i notice them in my dreams.

my depression has gotten worse and the pills dont seem to be helping very much
i have changed my depression medication couple of times
used to take: Zoloft, Prozac.

same thing for my insomnia pills. i haven't been sleeping very well
i used to take: trazadone, lunesta

as of right not life is really hard to enjoy for me and my depression is really rough for me and the anxiety is pretty bad and getting worse.

I have a doctor appointment on friday and i need to ask her to change my meds

I was wondering if any body could tell me any new possibilities that i can bring up to her so i can start to feel better and any possible prescription appetite suppressants