I have been given 120 mg/day of Cymbalta (2 @60 mg) per day for depression and Fibromyalgia. Also, 300 mg 'long-acting' Tramadol plus extra 'short-acting' Tramacet per day for Fibromyalgia. I believe I may have been suffering from Seratonin Syndrome /toxicity for a while now (at least 3 months). Symptoms: sweating, goosebumps, clamminess, muscle 'jerking' and spasms, tremors, In the last 3 days I have weaned myself down to 60 mg Cymbalta per day and 100 mg Tramadol. My sweats/tremors have eased although I still have elevated body temp. It was my pharmacist who alerted me to the high dosage of Cymbalta and when I described my symptoms she suggested Seratonin Syndrome.