I have been on venaflaxine since Dec 10. started at 75mg then upped to 150mg on the 14th and on the 28th of Jan upped to 225mg. I have had issues with it, i still feel some symptoms throughout the day and anxious evey now and then. I just dont feel hapiness. I dont have a depressing life, i have a wonderful husband a great 4 year old that i love, but i cant explain it. Its like i have no feelings. I try to tell myself that it is all in my head that it will all clear up in time. Will it? I was on effexor before and it worked great for the depression but now looking back i was the same way on it. I dont have the racing thoughts, or the dreadful "thoughts" anymore, but its like "Blah" Do I make sense???

I dont know if i should just stick it out or ask for something else, im just so scared of the depression returning. I have to many things going on at work and at home that i cannot let myself go through the misery of withdrawals and negative thoughts. Any suggestions or advice will be greatly appreciated. What would i do without my DC friends. Thank you guys SO MUCH!! Luv YA!! - Nena