... "tricks" with time and I was able to discover underlying cause of troubles... I have been using Snythroid for 12+ years and my body couldn't process it. It was as if I had no thyroid at all(my actual thyroid has been surgically removed) and so the coma... I now know. About 6 months ago I asked doctor to check T3, T4, and ignore basic blood study ( Synthroid was being "peed" out} and a third generation study? Anyway... I was SEVERELY hypothyroid and I had already asked her to switch me to ARMOUR THYROID MEDICATION instead of Synthroid. I was cold, tired, sick, anemic, gaining weight again, losing hair again, scared, couldn't sleep, trouble talking, noise in ears increasing, and passing out,,, Well, no one ever mentioned the thyroid or lack of it... and no one EVER used the term "MYXEDEMA COMA." Two years ago I had such a terrible experience with this coma and I still have problems and changes with my memory. I am getting better now that I am on the ARMOUR but I need to get to a good endocrinologist and a neurologist. Anyway... Synthroid just did not UNZIP to allow my body to use the hormones yet it appeared to on the bloodwork. Has anyone else had this problem? CREEPY !