... I am new to posting on this forum (though not to reading), and I would appreciate some advice!

I have been on suboxone for a little bit over two years now. I have been sober from all street drugs, alcohol and prescription drugs that weren't for me for 2 years 1 month and 10 days. My suboxone dose started off like everyone's does very high, and then about a year into it or so I was down to 2mg/day. 7 months later I was down to 1mg/day, then on October 25 2010 I was taking just .5mg a day. For the past 2 weeks though, I have been taking .25mg a day. This is of course because my doctor and I think that it is time for me to come off of it. I have NEVER had any trouble when I was titrating down in my doses. I thought I would have trouble lowering my doses, but I never have. It wouldn't matter if I had trouble, my father always administered my medication and I never knew (or looked for) where it was hidden.

This past weekend I went without it on both Saturday and Sunday, and come Monday I did not feel great at all, not full on dope sick, but I did not feel great. Knowing that I was just about completely out of medicine, I called my Dr. and he said (he is a very good person, and has been with me the whole way through this fortunately, he was also my pediatrician growing up and is a family friend) ... anyway he said to try my hardest to make it through, but if I was still feeling bad to call them tomorrow so that it could be refilled, and I could stay on it through the holidays (which as you all know can be stressful).

Mentally, I am ready to come off of the medicine. 3 years ago I was a scumbag who was doing anything to feed his habit. I've come a long way and have been able to mend a lot of bridges that I had though I had torched completely. My relationship with my family is great. My relationship with my fiance is great (she was never an addict or had a drug problem). I work 44 hours a week, am able to save money and buy nice things for the people I care about and know I am not going to be stealing them back to pawn them and nice things for myself that I know I am not just going to end up pawning. In short, I have no desire to use again and I am confident that if I am in a situation where I could be tempted, I won't have any trouble turning my back. I am not around any negative influences ever anymore, I work from home (where I live with my mom and dad) and spend time only with my fiance. In fact, one Sunday when my parent's had gone to church I was looking for the remote control in my mom's recliner where I found a couple of bottle of roxicet and xanax and I just set them on the end table and didn't even inspect them in any way.

So, anyway, I am little nervous coming off of the medication. Of course what I am looking for is to minimize any withdrawal symptoms. I don't know if there will be a more efficient 'painless' way to titrate down further, if taking .25mg every other day and then maybe every 3rd day would have any benefit as opposed to just stopping now. I would rather not feel like ******** through the holidays, and I also really can't miss any work. Really, I would appreciate some honest advice. My gut kind of says to try and stick it out, but I don't know for sure.

Thanks a lot!