... pescription. I never was addicted to an opiate, though I did my fair share of drugs. It began as a once and a while thing, and then turned into an every day thing. I was snorting small amounts every day for probably a couple months at least. It was ruining my life and I could remember how good I used to feel. Towards the end I was taking half one of the small pills, and then recently I took half of the half of the small pills. I no longer an able to get the suboxone, nor do I want to even be on the crap anymore. It just made me feel horrible... so it's day two of going cold turkey. I have some muscle relaxers and had a few gabapenin pills that a friend had given to me a while ago, and I heard that drug works wonders for opiate withdrawl. After today though I only have one more of the gabapenin (large yellow pill) which I will probably split into maybe even three doses if I can handle it~ but I am very scared. I want to do this on my own and I want to know how long withdrawl will last?? I barely feel bad because of the gabapenin... and I am also on wellbutrin so I feel like that is helping. I am not sure when the "real" withdrawls will come and that's what I want to know.

Any help would be great as I do not have a doctor for this stuff, just the wellbutrin that I have been on for a while now. The muscle relaxers are to help with sleeping and I took one and a half last night when I was restless. It feels like it is a lot of mind over matter and part of me feels like the withdrawl will not be half as bad as I think, but the person that gave me the sub keeps telling me it's going to get much worse. I have a job and barely scrape by on 8 bucks an hour. I cannot absolutely cannot afford to take time off! I have to work through this. Please tell me it will be ok~ or if not what I can do to ease the pain while I still go about my daily routine. Thanks so much... I can't wait until this is finally over! Never again