s. I have taken every opiate under the sun. I have taken suboxone in the past. I do believe its a miracle drug for people seriously wanting to get off opiates. but i ran out of my suboxone and had to find a new dr. meanwhile i was prescibed oxycoidone once again. 140 tablets and once again they were gone in about 12 days, i just have no business with opiates. but i do have severe pain. so my question is this. I aquired about 70 mg of liquid methadone and took that to hold me over till i see my new dr. he will be putting me on suboxone and keeping me on it. im wondering being that i dont use methadone on a daily basis. how bad will this with drawl be. and ive heard several people say how bad the withdrawls are but how long do they last. so ive taken 70mgs methodone today and see the suboxone dr.tomorrow.Any input,advise,thoughts ect. thanks