Hello, I am very new to this group/website and a bit fearful of asking questions but my hope is to gain more support in my daily fight against the chronic Sciatica pain/acute back pain I experience and to get feedback on the medication I currently take. A little history on my situation in 2007 I was injured and since then have been unable to function normally as a human being whom is 36, and a wife/mother of 2 boys. I know it has effected my family greatly which makes me feel much guilt, and I push myself to the extreme everyday as I do not wish to disappoint my Husband nor my children! But my consequences are by the time all is in bed and my daily chores are finished I am in extreme discomfort to the point of tears, Sometimes I have the sympathy of my family but mostly since they have no idea, I normally don't. I have been since 2007 to P.M.S x 2. An orthopedic surgeon. Many sessions of Physical Therapy. And am now back to my regular family doctor as I am most comfortable with her and she has known me for almost 20 years now. I feel embarrassed to be 36 and feel in my 80's, at times I need a cane just to move around as the pain radiates so severely down my left leg that it has buckled out from under me making me fall down. The surgeon I have seen has said I am not a candidate for surgery, and the Physical Therapy has stopped as most I can do at home now that I have learned. Now for the Medications I am prescribed, Just to let you all know I have been on just about everything and for the longest time was so SO afraid of taking a "long" acting drug in few of me becoming dependant but as of this May I have decided with my Dr. that I can not live like this any longer. In my past I took mostly Hydrocodone 10/325 about 4 times daily-this was not cutting it for years but as I said I am fearful of being dependant on a drug. I have tried everything from just over the counter Ibup. to Percocet. Hydrocodone seemed to help best as I contracted an ulcer from to much Ibup. and the percocet was too strong but again I never gave my body a chance to get used to it. As of May 2010 I am now taking Oxycontin 80mg-started low and this was the therapeutic dose that helped the best, and also Still the hydrocodone 10/500 for breakthrough pain. My fear is my body is going to get used to this Oxycontin and I have read so SO many horror stories on the net about this drug... wow, scary! All my meds are locked in a safe box as my oldest son is a teenager and God forbid he or one of his friends would find and abuse.

I guess my question is: Being as all of you in a sense are in the same boat with pain, what has helped you best? I would be most grateful for some feedback as again I am not real comfortable being on such an epidemic of an abused drug among teens of this era. Thank you so much in advance for you answers Please know I am most appreciative in any and all advice given. Wishing you all the best and Pain-free days... Ginevra