... cancer in 2006 and since then I have had 3 surgeries to remove my thyroid and cancer tumors on the right side of my neck. I have had radiation treatments and thank god I am now cancer free! Although I am so thankful to be a cancer survivor I cant help but to feel sorry for myself because all the biopsies and surgeries have left me with chronic pain that shoots from my shoulder up to my neck, head, and face. I have extensive nerve damage, and muscle spasms. I have been taking Vicodin 750 mg 2 to 3 times a day or as needed for a year now. My family doctor did not feel comfortable prescribing the vicodin anymore and tried to give me tylenol with codine but I had alot of stomach issues and it did not help with the pain and only added to it after dealing with constipation problems. I explained to my doctor that vicodin didn't make me constipated and that I didn't have any side effects with it at all. He referred me to a pain management clinic after deciding he couldnt help with my pain issue any longer. I have seen a pain specialist 3 times now and they prescribed Lyrica 50mg 2 times a day which does not help with the pain at all and gets my anxiety level pretty high! The last time I went to an appt I was crying because I was tired and in pain and they didnt want to give me vicodin but instead asked me if I was having suicidal thoughts!!! I said no and explained that I was in pain but they still insisted that I start taking cymbalta 30mg once a day for depression and also for pain. They told me that I shouldnt expect to be totally pain free that I was destined to live only 80% pain free??? I told them that I understood but I needed to be functional for my 2 young children and my husband!!! I dont know what to do? How do I get them to hear me? I feel like they think I'm a junkie. I hurt so bad if I dont take pain meds and I can not function on lyrica all day long. I dont know whats worse, to have cancer or be in pain. My life made a 360 degree change and I cant get it back in order again. I feel like the only thing keeping me from being back to normal is this constant pain. Does anybody have any advice or suggestions on what to do?