Brief history of how I got here.

I served in the U.S. Army for a total of 4 and one half years out of my 5 year obligation. I was honorably discharged due to having 5 knee surgeries to include 3 reconstructive surgeries.

Since I have been out< March 31st 2006, I have had 2 more knee surgeries on the same knee.

So after a total of 7 knee surgeries, you can only imagine the dependency I had on my beloved Vicodin. I say "beloved" because I thought I once LOVED THEM!

I hit rock bottom about 3 months ago after realizing that my 1 month prescription of 180 7.5/500mg vicodin were only lasting me about 7-10 days. I would take up to 20 of them in one day and still feel as if I could handle more.

I would go through the same thing every month...

Get my prescription and feel wonderful for a week or so, depressed for another day or two, withdraws for another 2 weeks and then incredible anxiety for another few days to a week while I checked the mail for my refill to get here.

After I went through my last prescription of Vicodin about 3 months ago I decided to go talk to my pain management doc. I told her that I had become dependent on the vicodin and I felt it was time to do something about it.

I was put on 8mgs a day for a week and then bumped up to 12. I have been on 12mg's for the past 3 months and sometimes forget to take a dose here and there.

Well Sunday I blew my ACL out for the 5th time. I went to the ER and refused a shot of Morphine because I wanted to be honest and tell them that I was on Suboxone. I ended up with a Toradol shot instead.

On my follow up with my ortho doctor this Monday, he had asked me if I needed anything for pain, to which I replied "yes". He asked me what I usually take for pain and I told him that I was on Vicodin up until 3 months ago. So immediately he started telling me that he was going to put me back on Vicodin. I had a little pause and reality check then told him the truth that I was on Suboxone. THAT FELT GOOD!

Then, the next day my pain gets out of control. I went to the VA hospital to speak with pain management and my doctor told me that I have two options... Either bump up my dose of Suboxone in hopes to manage the pain or, get put back on the Vicodin until after my next surgery... I chose to bump up my dose of suboxone. Now I am on 24mgs/day.

I just wanted to share this story with everyone so you can all see that even a guy like me that has been on pain pills since 1997 can do the right thing and stay away from them. Even when everything in the world suggests that I need to be on Vicodin to control my pain from a blown ACL again.


I am here to make sure that I do everything possible to help other people out in coming off of such a terrible and life threatening addiction.

I need the help too! There are temptations EVERYWHERE but no greater temptation than to live life opiod free and healthy! I plan to continue my dose of 12mgs /day and only take extra Suboxone when the pain is unbearable.

Anyone think this is a good idea or can taking 24mgs of Suboxone once or twice a week and then back to 12mgs the other days be harmful? I honestly have not taken extra Suboxone yet because I don't want to start another unconscious addiction.

Has anyone else taken larger doses for pain management before? I trust my pain management doctor with everything I have but I want to make sure I ask experienced Suboxone takers first.

Thank you... Sorry for the long read.