so manny meds (celexa, zolofot, notrepyline, wellbutrin only for a week, paxil) and nothing worked for me especially in terms of mood. Right now I'm on Effexor Xr 225mg daily (taken only at once, is that right)... Is my fifth week... I was put on 75mg, for the first week, 150mg the second week, and since the third 225mg... It is the only medication that I have no side effects at all. The third week I was feeling much better, I was doing a lot of housework, organizing my staff etc... But in the forth week I increased myself only for 2 days to 300 and took twice daily... After that, I was feeling terrible for 5 days. I was so disappointed. I asked my doctor what to do, and he told me go back to 225 once daily. He was so discouraged that he told me 4 weeks are enough to show if this med is working, and moreover he told me you are not responding, so it may take years to find the right one. I just wanted to die... i Think my doctor is a monster. How can you tell a patient being suicidal that it might take years... I;m functioning very well, and Im eating and sleeping well (except nightmares), but my mood hasn't changed a lot. I feel like disconnected from the outside but at home especially that third week I as OMG I feel like home... Please give me some advice because accord to my doc I should try sth else, but I dont want to... I have a really good job and everything is running well in my life, but an extreme anxiety caused my depression..Regards with a lot of pain elena