I started taking 100 milligrams per day about nine months ago. I shot up to 150 to 200 milligrams on many days, but never more than that. I basically felt fantastic at 100 milligrams a day and wanted to stay there forever. I made two purchases online of 180 each and my "friend" who is a nurse practitioner prescribed approx 200 for me, and then my doctors also prescribed maybe 100 or so over the course of things as well. So I've taken all of those and I have eight pills left right now. I will NOT be ordering any more or trying to get any more. I've had some of the scariest moments of my life with this drug and I want off of it. I have become very nervous about stopping 100 percent and I'm in the home stretch here. I am comfortable at 25 milligrams per day and am taking Withdrawal Ease. I want to stop the 25 milligrams this weekend, after doing that for a week. I tapered relatively well, but what scares me is that I notice when I break down and take a whole pill now (50 milligrams), which used to do nothing for me at all, I get extremely extremely euphoric and feel like I've died and gone to heaven. But when it starts to wear off, I feel like I need to go to the hospital. I go into a full blown panic attack and feel like I'm going to die. I hastily return to my 25 milligrams the next day. And I can't believe that that little half a pill extra the day before did that to me!! I'm worried that my brain is not "normal" in that I began Tramadol in a depressed state and I have felt WONDERFUL these last nine months while taking it. Better than I've ever felt in my life. (I hurt my back is why I started). But depression-wise, omg, best thing ever. My sleep was perfect, I was able to work out like a maniac. I lost the weight I always wanted to lose. I'm always in a great mood. My back doesn't hurt, etc etc etc. And I still feel that way, even on as little as 25 milligrams per day. The only time I feel really really scared is when I take that little extra 25 milligrams to feel the euphoria and then have this crazy crash from it. So what I want to know is, am I in for a very turbulent ride when I stop the 25 milligrams per day? How bad is it going to be for me? Am I blowing this all out of proportion and it will be fine? I can't stand not knowing. Help!!