... yet (SFN). I suffer from SFN, and after a long two-year struggle to reach the diagnosis, I was inspired this year to do something big to bring attention to the condition and raise money to open a fund at the Medical Center for SFN patients who cannot afford the diagnosis or potential treatment since there is no approved medication for SFN.
I need the support of people who understand like you in what I’m currently doing: I'm running a 100-mile journey from Houston to Austin that I started on December 23rd and will end January 1st at the Capital Building, on my birthday!
I have already run 68 miles and need to complete 32 more by New Year's. It is hard to gain coverage because I am a viral video on social media, and I am a solo runner with no sponsors. So, I really need your support.
I have created a Gofundme campaign for my cause and I need your support spreading the words and bringing awareness, to allow me to raise enough money to open this fund at the hospital for patients whose insurance will not cover the skin biopsy and potential treatments. UT Physicians at the Texas Medical Center will open the fund but they need a minimum of $1,000 to start a new fund or the money will be tied to existing funds. I have raised $800 so far, and I really need that money to go to Neuromuscular to provide skin biopsy and treatment for people with SFN.
I have put the entire campaign alone and it is hard. I really need your support to share this campaign to networks and circles I do not have access to.
Thank you in advance.
For more information, you can reach at 713-382-8126
My campaign has all the details: gofundme.com/Sarah-s100milesforSFN
Thank you for your support
Sarah Mishou