a Veterinarian, or have experience due to your own dog having this problem.
I have 5 year old mini-dachshund who is 13 lbs. She had bladder surgery to remove 2 bladder stones 10 days ago. She finished her antibiotic from the surgery today and her urine is clear. Yesterday, we noticed that she was developing a rash on her tummy around her incision, the rash resembles razor rash. I called her vet and they had me bring her in and they said that it looks like an infection on her skin , so they gave me Clavamox for her to take for 8 days and told me to give her a 1/2 ml of Childrens Liquid Benadryl for the itching.
I started to notice tonight that she is peeing a lot!! More that she did before I started the Benadryl so I was wondering if that could be caused by the Benadryl! There is no blood in her urine. and the doctor did switch her from her dry dog food to a caned dog food to add more fluids to her and to decrease the concentration, so I thought that it could be that too.
Any help would be appreciated!! I love her soooo much and I am so worried about her.