one of the medications i am on is klonipin, have been on it for 12yrs do to severe panic with agoraphobia, i no i need to be on it but i am beginning to think the dose is just to strong for me for i am always tired, since the beginning of time that is the lowest the doc would put me on is 1mg 3x daily and truthfully i really need to be on it 3x daily but am wondering if a lower dose would work as well if i still take it 3x, for i never was prescribed anything lower then that, so i don't no, is all i do no is i am sick and tired of dragging all the time, yes it helps fabulous for my panic with agoragphobia, but i still have the agoraphobia bad and the panic till i take my dose and the panic subsides but not the agoraphobia... i no it's the klonipin that makes me tired, and i am not the type person to like dragging my feet and sleeping my life away, not that i sleep alot, but when i am up, i just drag my feet, i was just wondering is there anyone on this site that has tried to go lower under doctors care, meaning taper down to a lower dosage and how much did they drop u down by and how quick i no this med is nothing to play with so i would never do it without my doctor noing, i just am wondering if someone was on 3x daily and tappered to a lower dose if it helped them as far as getting some of there energy back!! thanks in advance for your time