... many of your questions and postings. I have had fibro since age 38 and am now into my 60's. I worked for many years in the field of psychology and, interestingly, did not find compassion or particular kindness in coworkers. This was difficult, but helped me to learn that I could not define myself as a person suffering from fibro. I learned to view myself as a person who was a psychologist (or teacher or accountant or nurse - you fill it in) who happened to have fibro. I learned not to define myself in terms of this disease but in terms of who the core of me is/was. I only offer this to you because all of us are so much more than our disease. Two years ago I had cancer and I absolutely refused to define myself as a"cancer survivor." I knew I was so much more than that and realized that just because cancer was a recognized disease everyone knew about and was afraid of getting, it was no different than FMS of CFS. Only the view of others about the disease was different. Please only define yourself according to who you are, separate from the FMS, because, that really IS who you are. Don't let the negativity of others change your view of yourself. I think I am a better person for having FMS and the cancer. It had made me understand and be more accepting of others and their foibles and fears. Be proud of yourselves and what you have been through. My thanks and love to you all. BRuthD