I have wanted to write in, but chicken out, at the last minute. Lol. I'm in a situation, that I've not had to deal with before. I mean, I grew up a little poor, so I know what that's like. I struggle communicating what to say, and how to express myself, so please be patient w/me. Lol. I wrote in several months ago, about my two older sons. One is a drug addict, and the other alcoholic. My 19 yr old came to live with us to get clean. Was here four months, and spent a chunk of money taking him to three Dr.s, Orthopaedic Surgeons, before we found one who could perform the kind of surgery he needs on both feet. They are deformed, and its called Subtaylor Joint Coalition. We scheduled his surgery for Dec. 19th, and had to put several hundred,s of dollars down, before he would do the surgery. Non-refundable. He not only skipped out on the surgery, but called one of his buddies, back home, and left two days before Christmas. He went in to treatment, and quit it at mid point, I found out two days ago. Well, to both of our surprise, my husband lost his job recently. He just found another job, but this couldn't have happened at a worse time. I love my son, but he drained our savings, and we're hurting so bad financially, that my husband put one of our vehicles on a loan, just to pay for my meds. without insurance. I just ran out of one this morning, and no money to pay for it. My husband takes our little guy to kindergarten in the mornings, and I pick him up. For the last several days, I completely fall apart, and cry nonstop for two to three hours, and try and get it all out, before I pick him up. I'm not sure what my question is really. But this happening, on top of other family issues, has thrown me into major depression. And I didn't mention that our youngest had tubes put in his ears, and Adenoids removed. Which we had to put money down on, before he lost his job. We are completely broke, and got a notice to pay rent by seven days, or we'll be avicted? One of our friends loaned us enough money for rent, and our landlord dropped the court issue. But we were told, he would put our home up for sale in May. Meaning we'll have to move, because it will sell fast. I have an upcoming app. On the 20th, to see my pain Dr. I can't even tell you how overwhelmed and depressed I am. I have very little friends I can talk to about this, because, I fall apart, as soon as I start talking. I could really use some genuine support, and some kind of encouragement from my friends on here, that has always been there for me. Thank you, in advance, for any help. Ruthie