I just wanted to update you on how my boys are doing. Again..please don't reply with any bad answers or comments. I just want you to please say a prayer for me and my 21 yr. old son. He got a DWI teo weeks ago. He has a court date for the end of the month. And he spent over $80.00 last night drinking and getting very drunk.He is a severe alcoholic, but I just don't understand why he is taking such major mistakes and chances right now. He knows the consequince of what will happen if he gets caught. He has no licence, so my ex-husband is going to call his work and tell him and ask him that he cannot drink at all while working there. There's nothiing else I can do but pray for him. I feel like he thinks he is going to prison, so he's going to drink while he can before his court date. We, meaning the whole family has talked to him and told him this just doesn't affect him, but everybody else that loves him and is pulling for him. He's soo depressed and making bad decisions.I guess I wrote to my friends on here for support and praye's. I know all the negative things. I've been barbated with them and the negative comments. I just don't want to hear any more of them, because whatever is said negatively only makes me mad, because I'm severely depressed with the whole situation, and he still is my flesh and blood, and my heart is literally breaking right now. I can't help him. he's an adult now. He makes his own decisions, and I can't reach him at all. He won't listen to anybody. Please remeber him in you're prayer's that he will get better and want help. And for me, because I'm very upset and depressed. I could really have you're support. I'm asking you to help me and just hear somethingthat might help me. I love you all, and I know you are a wonderful group of people. I know you will help me, and I thank you so much for being my friends and helping me. Love Ruthie