Hello to all, and how are my friends?First of all I want to say how good it is to be back on DC. We moved about a month ago and my computer got broke during the move, and I am just now getting a new one. I have missed you all terribly. A word for the wise. Don't ever break this girl's computer computer again. lol. How dreadful it was. I have been having allot of trouble with my osteoarthitus in my knees. I have had the Synvisc injections in the past and all, and I have Voltaren Patches that I can put on. This may be a dumb question, but can I cut the Voltaren patch in half, and put a half on each knee? Again... may be a silly question. But I hurt sooo bad. I have an upcoming MRI on them. I also take Robaxin. Nothing really seems to help but the Voltaren. They even wake me up at night they hurt sooo badly. Well, I hope to hear back from some friends, and others too now. I hope everyone has been doing great. Talk to you soon. Ruth. Or Ruthie to allot of you. God bless.