... for Cape Town, SA for a 5 month period) about 9 months ago. I just started reading this forum and feel relief that it is the Viibryd that is causing the awful nightmarish dreams when I feel like I am being attacked and cannot move and cannot scream for help. I am not sure that I have gained weight from it. My question is that besides the nightmares, has anyone suffered severe joint pain, foot pain, and or back pain? When I came back home my pain level was almost a 10. I suffer from chronic pain but it seemed to be under control and then all the sudden not. I finally went to a rheumatologist and she diagnosed me with seronegative rheumatoid arthritis. Well, the best solution for my pain, Prednisone, I think is making my head a bit wacky, like I am feeling depressed again like I did before the Viibryd. Anyone identify? Any help greatly appreciated