last night, i took my viibryd about 5 hours later than usual (i take another med with it that causes sedation, so if i'm going to be out late, i wait 'til i get home). anyway, for the first time in months, i had very intense dreams, such as those i had early-on. i wouldn't call them nightmares, but there was the element of not knowing how asleep or awake i was, not knowing if i was really moving or not (at one point feeling like i was falling out of bed in a dramatic way, but in reality was not), and being worried that someone may be breaking into my house but i was unable to get up to make sure it was not happening. the dreams were the repetitive type. i was trapped in a scenario with a group of people (sort of like a family), and we couldn't escape the house. i can't remember particular details, but there were tasks to accomplish in order to escape the dream that wouldn't end, but the tasks were impossible to accomplish (like reading a line of words, letters, and pictograms that were changing faster than they could be read), and cryptic things that had to be deciphered. it was extremely frustrating because situations kept repeating and we all wanted out (at least to escape into some other more pleasant dream). also, there was a fear of being "found out," that we were not supposed to be there, and the neighbors would discover us, or break into the house to find out what was happening. it all came to a strange closure where i called upon supernatural sort of being to come and save us all from an eternity of repetitive boredom and frustration. it was sort of a magnificent comic book type ending that is hard to describe. anyway, the take-away from my experience is: take your viibryd on a regular schedule (unless you happen to like weird and interesting, although frustrating dreams!). good luck to all !!!