I found this group, yesterday, and joined. At least I think it's a group.
Not much activity in a year... so im assuming all is well amongst the masses. I am suddenly having anxiety over the vagueness of most responses,but am putting my heart on my sleeve. The things I have read are encouraging, the concerns with side effects are issues that I already experience. Nausea, insomnia, cold sweats, headaches, dizziness, etc.
I try to think that my symptoms are no different than everyone else plodding thru a 12 week program.but I have some concerns. I also will be taking la six (water pills) for Ascites, which cause me to spend 6-10 hours a day urinating.
I try to control this inconvenience by starting at 5:00am. I'm just curious to determine what time restricting effects the Harvoni will have. I prefer to try to anticipate this and control my time and schedule accordingly. I've been told,very little inconvenience, but I'm a little more complicated, prescription wise, and am in a situation where, sudden needs for hospitalization aren't a simple walk down the street..
Any advice or experience to send my way?
Thanks... David