Since I have been on this site with my beautiful family... I tried not to ask anything that has to do with me, for I am not on here for me but to try if I possibly can give any type help to others for I love people... I have been all about doing the best that I can possibly do to answer post etc... but now I just need input from all of my dc family... I went to see my psychiatrist today and he put me on zyprexza 10 mg 1 x at bedtime... now the thing is I told him I was on it before and because of my neuro issue and the fact that It has been yrs since they tried me on it and I went off..I told him I had a problem and couldn't remember what the reason was why I stopped it, my neuro issue is so bad, I don't even remember where it was filled etc... so I don't remember the reason why I stopped it I just no I was on it and I did but this was yrs ago, and don't no how I can find out why... he said to me today that he had no idea that I was this bad and said I couldn't just take the luvox for my depression/bipolar... and also last month I told him to take me from 1 mg 3 x daily of klonopin to .50 3 x daily thinking that with the clonidine that my pcp gave me for hypertension that I could take less of the was that a big mistake my panic is so severe, I litterally crawl up into a ball at times and when I made him reduce I was all messed up, to make a long story short... he put my klonopin back to 1 mg 3 x daily for he said he had no idea the seriousness of my conditions for I have only been seeing him for a couple mths... anyway... my dear family ... can someone who has been on zyprexa tell me what it is suppose to do and if ther r severe side effects etc... does it make u like a zoombie... I won't take anything that makes me like a zoombie... I just need someone or multiple people that have and r still on this med... to tell me exactly what it is suppose to do everything u can tell me about this med... please... I really don't no if I even want to take it for I told him I was on it before and he told me that he didn't realize I was so bad off and the klonopin and luvox alone is not enough... please all my friends give me advice asap... love u all till the end of time... love your family friend angel1662