... behind with 2 kids back then 3 and 8 now they are 13 and 18. Until now I reach out for help I couldn't manage any longer to be honest I don't know how I did it all I can remember is being unhappy,crying a lot, feeling very angry for what happened to us My kids are wonderful they don't deserve to be with and angry person all the time The good news back then is that I used to work 2 jobs my mom help me so much with my kids Thank God for her they didn't have to see a lot of my issues anyways I started feeling more depressed and confused I couldn't do anything I lost 1 job that hit me horrible it make me see how angry and depressed I am. Look for help they put me on Adderall 20mg to help me concentrate and manage my job right retained info. I couldn't anymore he also put me on Prozac 20mg to help me deal with my depression and lack of energy he also put me on Abilify 5mg he said this one was a buster for the Prozac and he put me on Valium 10mg for the anxiety and to help me sleep I try the Valium to sleep and this drug can make me sleep for over 12 to 18 hour is ridiculous how much I can sleep with this I really needed to finally rest but I'm loosing a lot being in bed not to mention how much I call out sick to work. I want to start the other ones Prozac, Abilify the Adderall I'm taking it the mornings I can get up but maybe the Valium is so strong it doesn't help the Adderall at all I read Adderall can give you Energy but it doesn't do that for me so I'm cutting the Valium in 1/2 and is still to strong for me I have another appointment in 1 month I hope he can change the Valium to a lower milligram possible I don't know how to take the Prozac I read about panic attack I don't want to experience any of this I don't know at what time to take it I take the Adderall in the morning Valium at night can I take the Prozac with the Abilify together in the morning with the Adderall? Please if someone knows I will really appreciate any help they can give me. Please. I'm so desperate I don't know what or how to do it. Please help. Thanks so much!