... withdrawal from corticosteroids (like prednisone or hydrocortisone). My own situation is that I have been through an epic battle with cancer, ending with a blood stem-cell transplant, which was followed by graft vs. host disease. Through all of this I was given extremely high doses of prednisone - indeed I'm now a research subject with a leading university endocrinology clinic. My lead physician has contacted other research centers around the world, and I believe I am a world record holder for most corticosteroids given in a three year period of time - a title I'd be glad to hand to someone else!

I've been on active withdrawal for 2.5 years, reducing from 380 mg/day to currently 10 mg/day normalized to prednisone. For a little over a year I've been switched to hydrocortisone because it is a bit gentler on the system, and has a ratio of roughly 4:1 versus prednisone. So right now I actually take 40 mg/day hydrocortisone which is roughly equivalent to 10 mg/day prednisone.

I got much closer to the physiological threshold last month, equivalent to 8.1 mg/day of prednisone - but got so weak I started to fail. Prednisone is roughly equivalent to cortisol - what we all want made naturally by our adrenal glands - and normal is around 5-6 mg/day.

Don't worry about how long I've been on this or the original dosages - have any of you fought this battle for a year or longer?

Thank you