And if anyone does, what do you do for them? Let me try and explain. It feels like the bones in my feet are being twisted and contorted out of position. And when it's really bad I can see my toes trying to arch upwards, rather than downwards. I guess it's coming from muscle spasms in the feet and legs. The pain is immense. Sometimes the pain goes upward into my calf leg muscles. If I don't wake up and jump out of bed fast enough I can't move because the pain is so strong. Last night it's a good thing I didn't have the covers over my body because I would have never got out of bed fast enough. I've told 3 docs about this and they don't have a name for it. I took 10 mg Flexeril for a few years but it didn't always work. Last Winter a new doc had me try Baclofen for a while and it did work for a while. But then I was taking 30 mg of Baclofen before bed and I was sleep walking and falling in my sleep. Now I'm back on Flexeril. Last night I jumped out of bed after 2 hours screaming. I walked it off and took another 15 mg of Flexeril. I'm only supposed to take 10 mg at a time. But 3 hours later I got the pains in my left foot again and I got up. Kinda way too early, but I fear sleeping due to these pains.

I was thinking of asking the doc for Zanaflex, but I was just reading Lara's question from yesterday and some of you think Zanaflex is weaker than Flexeril? That's not what I was hoping to hear. Anyone have any ideas?

One more thing. I think too much of 1 of my meds caused a seizure last week. I think I took too much Flexeril 1 night because in the morning the bottle was opened and pills were scattered about. Can too much Flexeril cause a seizure?

Sorry this is so many questions in one thread.