... had a diagnosis of Hashimoto's disease for my extremely underactive thyroid and have now been able to see that my thyroid was probably not helping my anxiety I experienced a year ago out of no where.. So I am looking at trying to taper off my lexapro.. Can anyone let me know what they think of 2.5 mg less for a month? I'm currently on 10mg and am planning on taking 7.5 for the next month, then go to 5mg for the month after and so on..

Also, if anyone has had thyroid issues and is on thyroxine, i would love to hear from you, as I wonder if there is much of a correlation between depression/anxiety and an underactive thryoid.

Thank you so much- i found these feeds so helpful when i was starting my lexapro - it's hard going on an AD for the first time and feeling so alone.. Thanks :)