I asked every one's opinion last month about if if would be appropriate to ask my pain mgmt doc about a change in my meds because while they still work somewhat, they were not working as well as they use to, to control my chronic scoliosis pain. I was very blessed with so many of you answering my question so quickly and offering your opinions and support, so I thought I would update you all as to the outcome and I have another question.

Yesterday I had my appt with my PM doc, and let him know that while the Opana ER 20 mg is the best extended release drug that I had ever been on, it no longer lasted the full 12 hrs like it did when I first started on it. He then examined my back and was astonished at how inflamed the right side of my back was compared to how it looked the prior 2 months before when he last saw me and feels that my scoliosis is getting worse. So he upped my Opana ER 20 mg from taking 2 a day every 12 hrs to taking 3 a day and advised me to stick w/the Percocet 10 mg, up to 5 a day for breakthrough pain.

Now this is where I have a question. He also wants to set me up for a series of epidural steroid injections. I have read positive as well as negative feedback. So I would be very appreciative to hear from any of you that have underwent epidural steroid injections for your back pain, good results as well as bad.

Thank you in for advance for sharing your experiences about this procedure with me.

God Bless