I'm bipolar to the extreme. I'm agoraphobic to the extreme. I have ptsd. I'm afraid I'm losing it. I KNOW I am. I've been visiting my son for almost 8 mos. and will be leaving the 11th. I will not be with anyone else except my daughter and son, reason being, I'm so afraid of people and they don't seem to make any sense. I've humiliated everyone here and refused their offers for social events. Their all angry with me. Even my daughter and son. I've hurt everyone that I know on my kids side of the family. My kids are embarrassed because they wanted to be proud of their mother. However, instead they are disappointed in me. This is breaking my heart. I humiliated my ex in front of his family and friends by yelling at him. I don't want to see the future, but I have a pretty good idea what's ahead.