My condo has been devistated with water damage (long story, I am suing multiple parties for blatant neglagence and destruction of my home despite weeks and weeks and weeks of reporting leaking incidences to my condo office, our property management company, ect). I have been experiencing terrible pains and swelling in my feet, and pains in my lower legs and behind my left knee and left calf. Some pain is very aching, while others are burning pain. I have been to 2 neurologists (i work for a group of them), as well as another Dr outside of my practice (because i can hear the defendants say "conflict of intrest" as i type this!) Mri of left foot and ankle per the radiologist showed 'non specific cellulitis' on both as well as edema. Turns out, i did not have cellulitis after a course of anibiotics, and a 3rd opinion. I've had all kinds of bloodwork done, including ANA, sed rate, and rheumotology pannel- all negitve thank goodness. I've also had ultrasounds on my legs last week, an mri of my lumbar spine today (don't know those results yet), and am being scheduled for a nerve conduction and electromyogram testings, and who knows what else! I don't mind, though- i like having negitive tests! The only way i think i can prove that my new onset of chronic pain is environmentally related (to my toxic apt) is by a specialized blood test, and more importantly, a skin test. I do not have respiratory symptoms at least. My legs and feet hurt every day, and it is definately made worse by sitting at my desk at work and home. I am lucky enough to have found a combo of 2 medications that can make me pain free so i can work a full day at my desk in comfort, and have a social life back... I am just wondering if anyone else on this site has had or knows of sombody that has had this problem. Hopefully, this pain is transient and wont affect me for the rest of my life. ~thanks!