an increase to 100mg I noticed I began to display symptoms like agitation, restlessness, low frustration tolerance, negative thoughts and trouble staying asleep. I haven't told my Psychiatrist that I stopped because he is on vacation and his office staff aren't much help but I told this to my therapist as I am a nurse I'm thinking I triggered a dysphoric hypomanic episode and he says that I don't meet criteria for a Bipolar diagnosis, I've tried almost every SSRI and SNRI and found no relief except for about 2 weeks on Lexapro then it stopped. So since I feel calmer but no less depressed what else is there but a diagnosis of Bipolar? as I've never heard of a sufferer of MDD being better when not on an antidepressant. I take Latuda 40mg, Topamax 75mg BID, and Adderall xr 15mg (actually is calming) along with Klonopin 2mg BID.