... Tramadol 325/37.5mg a day and told I can have Tylenol for arthritis as a breakthrough in the night if I need it. I just had another xray and waiting on results for my next appt in two weeks. I am at the point even on this medication I cannot stand long even to fold laundry or walk any distance in a store. Even stand in a bank line. Cannot get comfortable in bed either. I take brupropion and topamax 100mg. I don't know what to ask my doctor ? Can I ask for a fusion? I am scared I am going to be snowed for pain till something breaks. Something has got to be terribly wrong but I just keep getting more tramadol every time I tell him honestly just help me it hurts. Another script comes more tramadol. Seriousely? What should I b asking? I am scared , there is terrible pain .,afraid someday I just am not going walk anymore..