I haven't answered questions for, or updated about, how my two older sons are! I kinda feel like I left that in the wind and I apologize for that. For my new friends I had a 21 yr old facing possible prison, and an 18 yr old who came to live with us three to four months ago to get off drugs. In a nutshell. I'm not going to make this long at all because anyone that knows me knows I'm a cryer and don't want to got there now. My 21 yr old, by the help of God only... Got out of everything! He flew in for a week for Christmas and it was wonderful. Here's the sad part and ill make this really quick. My 18 yr old needs surgery desperately on both feet. We took him to three Orthopaedic Surgeons before we could find to do the surgery in downtown Atlanta, and scheduled the surgery. I had a few friends on here lovingly tell me to be careful about him breaking into my safe. He ramsacked our room, took some of my meds, when confronted, called a buddy up in the other state and was gone by late evening. Two days before Christmas I think. I thought IDE have all three boys at Christmas and together in yrs and it didn't happen. The saddest person was my five yr old. I'll admit I was very pest with him. Still am. So that's whet happened and another painful lesson in life learned. Now I might cry... So goodnight and love to you all. P. s. I hope everyone's holidays were great. Oh, and those of you who pray... say a prayer for them and us too!