I recently went to the doctor and had a complete blood workup done. An ANA Panel... I think is what it's called... and everything. My doctor called me back and told me he was referring me to a hematologist/Oncologist due to the results. I've always had a problem with cholesterol and triglyserides being high. Cholesterol was 285 and Triglyserides were down from 3000 to 860. He put me on a second medication to try and get them lowered. That's why the dr.s say they won't do any kind of surgery on my back. I'm a too high risk patient. My concern is the Platelet's are too high. I know nothing about them really. Was just wondering if anyone knew much about them and if this is considered really high. The normal range is 140-415. Mine is 560. I have put off going to the Hemotologist/Oncologist due to other medical problem's that needed to be addressed. I am just curious if anyone is familiar with this, and how serious or important is it? I appreciate your answers. Ruthie