I have an 18 yr old who came to live with me a couple of months ago, and has two severely deformed feet. I had no idea they were as bad as they had gotten. The condition is called Subtaylor Joint Coalition. Basically the bones on the top of his feet are grown together, and they have to seperate them and fuse them, then go in and realign his heel to adjust to his feet so he can walk properly. This should have been done six yr.s ago, but he has been moving back and fourth and he pretty much hid it, and was drinking as of late to kill the pain.He stopped drinking when he came to live with us. They won't give him anything else but an antiamflamitory because he's only 18. He just stays in bed all day, until the surgery, which is on the 19th of this month on a Wed. They are only doing one foot at a time, or he will be wheelchair bound. It's a complicated surgery and he will be in there 1-2 days. Please keep us both in your thoughts and prayers, as it will be hard on him pysically, and me too, already being a chronic pain patient. Thank You to my wonderful friends. Ruthie