I have a ... I a 51 will be 52 in Jan..oops I told you guys my age... lol ha ha Okay I had a partial hysterectomy in 2011, I after I had it only got the very annoying hot flashes... starting mid yr 2012, in the summer I have been having severe over excessive sweating... it starts from the roots of my hair, runs down my face,legs, arms,everywhere except I don't get the sweating on feet or under my arms... was seeing a gyn he is the one who did the hyster... and I told him and he put me on a med called provera I think it was called took it for a while it did absolutely nothing 4 me... after he did the surgery he started treating me rude so I just made an appt with another gyn... the whole thing is a lot of doc's say it is menopause, but I have several chronic health conditions, diabetes, htn, high blood pressure..chronic pancre etc... the new place asked if I was on estrogen and I said no... I read so much about estrogen and how it is dangerous and can cause blood clots..heart isssues which I already have etc... all summer I couldn't step out side..it's like someone dunked me into a pool and didn't give me and towel only 100 x's worse no lie... I walk around with no cloths on in the summer that's how bad it is and am constantly drying myself off..wake up and my underware I can litterally ring out they r soaked as well as my sheets and bedding..it is driving me nuts... is there a procedure that anyone no's of that can block the sweat glands so this doesn't happen..it is recking my life along with all my mh issues and health issues now this..I can't go out I look like I am having heat stroke I am so drenched... please all my friends any advice, suggestions, I no a lot of you guys no your stuff so please..give me some advice... I am scared to take the estrogen do to all the negative reports on medical sites like mayoclinic etc... I just can't do another summer like last, I couldn't even go anywhere in the beautiful weather for I would be soaked non stuff daily... PLEASE HELP all my family here at DC..xoxxo... angel1662