I would like to share the events of the past 6 months and apologize to all of you for my absence on the site. My multiple myeloma relapsed in early June and I have been getting chemo since. It has been a rough road, as I quickly formed 7 bone lesions. The chemo, thankfully, seems to be destroying the lesions and my doctor feels we can get the cancer back into remission rather quickly.
My daughter, who had great difficulty conceiving a child, gave birth to a beautiful, healthy little girl on August 7. Her name is Adalynne Grace and she is a very lucky, well-loved little girl. She is growing daily and developing a lovely personality. Proud grandma here!
I will not be as active on DC as I once was, but wanted to share the reasons for my absence of late, and to let you all know that I think of you often.
Your friend,