PT with a fibro specialist, FSM twice a week, medical massage, therapy, soul searching. Anyway, I can say after 14 weeks of this I'm not much better but continuing this path until my short term disability pay exhausts as I have found out for sure, I will not be able to return to work at this time. I've accepted it. I'm so young that I had to make the choice to work half heartedly and do a treatment here and there or do 1-2 treatments a day. I opted for the latter and will continue on this journey to see what % of quality of life I may preserve and get back. I've had the support of three amazing women on here all through this and I wanted to recognize them all for all the help, support, guidance, shoulders to cyber cry on, and on going laughs! So I'm back on. I will never give up my field and will remain a registered dietitian, I just know I cannot return to my previous job as my boss was abusive and set up too many triggers. But I'm out of my funk. I have three amazing friends at the end of the day and am back on to give back! Hope all my other friends have been well!!! Hope the predation on the sight has ceased and hope everyone is getting by or doing better!
Love jelly belly (formerly cupcake, and still a cupcake!)