My son was 26 years old, his wedding date (Nov 13, 2010), came and gone now. I just need to know if these 2 drugs cocaine and phencyclidine that were found in his system, by the way the only 2 drugs they found, kill him? I cant find any info on these 2 together, was hoping someone might be able to guide me or tell me something about these drugs. I do know what they are, but never heard of the 2 being mixed together. Im keep asking myself did my son have emenies? I dont know, Im totally lost and griving so bad he past Oct 7 this year. Anyone, someone please help me if you can, dont hold back, im not afraid of hearing bad things, anything right now will help. I have the EMT report and reading it doesnt help, its not telling me much, tells me narcan was used and he responded. but when i read his heart rate within 18 minutes it went from 161 to 38 also states "when pulling into the ER pt went into respiratroy arrest and was intubated. What does ARREST mean? Thank you all for reading this and hopefully someone will know what happened.