Previously in my life, I was on Paxil which had terrible withdrawl symptoms akin to having the flu. I went on Lexapro for a year seven years ago due to post-partum depression, and didn't have too much difficulty getting off (it was better than Paxil for me).

I went back on Lexapro again after my last son was born five years ago and my father's death, and I want to get off it again but the withdrawl symptoms are scaring me to death. I believe I have gained weight, lost sexual desire, and am more tired than normal, as a result of the Lexapro (although who knows for sure, right?!). My husband will attest to the loss of sexual desire, for sure. It's so incredibly frustrating.

I tried to get off last summer and went from 20mg to 15mg and had a lot of trouble with that.However, I was also being treated for another medical condition with hormones that stopped my menstrual cycle to treat fibroids, which caused me to go into a chemically-induced menopause, which may have significant;y contributed to the irritability and jumpiness and sweats.

My doctor says to wean off Lexapro slowly.

Has anyone had experience with perhaps going on Wellbutrin WHILE detoxing from Lexapro? My full-time office job and role as a mom is too demanding for me to have excessive irritability, dizziness, and an inability to function. I don't want to be a screaming mom or a difficult employee at work.