Hello All: Here is my story:

I am 30-years old and I am scheduled for thyroid removal surgery in 2 weeks. I am definitely nervous since all of this has accelerated in the last month.

I have had low end but still average TSH levels for years now. Early on they detected a goiter, but nothing was done except for ultrasounds to determine if it had grown or not. There was no substantial growth so nothing was done. Last August I missed my ultrasound due to changing insurances, and locating a new Dr. that was in "scope" of my plan. I put off getting an ultrasound due to those factors and early this year I felt uncomfortable pressure on my right side of my neck. I knew it had to be my goiter getting bigger. After still having insurance issues in getting the correct label and coding for my current Dr., I seen the office as an "urgent care" patient, something I have been having to do all year due to confusion in paperwork. I had asked my primary care doctor to provide me labs to get it tested and she told me to wait until I schedule an appointment for a physical due to my insurance issues. Which in hindsight is disappointing.

Anyways, I received a referral to ENT specialist for a different minor reason and mentioned my thyroid since this was my chance to speak to a specialist. The doctor touched my neck and his whole face changed, he immediately scheduled me for an MRI. I had the MRI done and the doctor scheduled surgery 3 weeks after the scan.

According to him, my thyroid is one of the largest he has seen. Only one other as been bigger. I may have to be sedated over night due to swelling. My operation is scheduled for 4-5 hours, a typical one is 1.5 hours.

My question to those that have hyperthyroidism is after removal were you able to lose weight? I have recently lost 50 lbs with diet and exercise. Is this going to set me back? I have heard stories of people losing weight afterwards but I do not know what their TSH levels were.

Also, I have another question:

Has anyone had a severely enlarged thyroid as myself, mine is suppose to be 4x the size of the average persons. How did your surgery turn out.

Thanks in advance for your response, any advice is greatly appreciated. I hope this encourages others to monitor their goiters more closely. It could be the difference of a routine surgery, and a major one like mine.