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Hello, I am on 250 mg of antabuse every other day.My last dose was 48 hours ago,can I drink?

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kaismama 8 Jun 2013

Aren't you taking antabuse to stop drinking?

Pantera1 8 Jun 2013

Yes I am,I know I shouldn't but feel like a couple beers.

Pantera1 8 Jun 2013

Think I will just start extremely slow like sips and try it out.I know this sounds bad just wish someone could give me insight

Pantera1 8 Jun 2013

I have been searching on my question and have noticed you are kinda harsh towards us alcoholics.Dont you think I already know why I am taking this medication?Yes I do mam.If your going to comment like you have with me and in the past maybe it is best not to post anything at all.Not trying to be a jerk here but some people need to be called out on such things,we all have our crutches and short comings.Have a good day.

Pantera1 9 Jun 2013

Well I fought off the urge to drink so I guess I won't know this time kaismama.

kaismama 9 Jun 2013

There you go. If you're trying to fight it I'll be your biggest cheerer, but to drink while you're taking antabuse to stop is just too goofy. I've seen too many lives ruined with that stuff, and watched young people, like in their forties, die from advanced cirrhosis. I've had families ask me to do something when dad was bleeding out from cirrhosis, to be kind to people who don't want to fight.

Inactive 9 Jun 2013

Hello Pantera1. Be carefull please. I certainly would wait at least 48 hours. I took it for several years and although we all differ, in as much as sensitivity to a drug, Antabuse has little tolerance to most all people taking it. I know from experience, that it can do some major damage in as much as cardiac and blood pressure if taken with alcohol. Be well, regards pledge free discount card

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