... recommended anything for this?

This is my second treatment first with prevpac and most recently with pylera. Three weeks after treatment I noticed acid again and my stomache seemed weak. After seeing my doctor again he wants me to now take omeprazole 2 a day for 3 weeks and 1 a day for 2 weeks. However, my stomache is uncomfortable often before and after meals. The only recommendation that my doctor had for this discomfort was yogurt with honey.
1) Can anyone else name foods or medicines that I could investigate in this regard?

Also, because I continue to have acid both during the day and at night, I don't believe that the antibiotics worked and I am not sure that this round of acid blocker will do anything in terms of eliminating my infection.
2) Is there someone out there who has been cured after failed attemps?

3)Has anyone found it easier to live with the desease than to do additional treatments? How have you managed?

Thank you in advance for advice and support - I wish the best to all others who also suffer from this ailment