I need tips or guidance how to survive this night. The less medication the better. Thank you everyone so much!!!

general anxiety with agoraphobia- for that I'm not prescribed anything as I insisted to steer clear off any benzodiazepines or sedatives, I deal with anxiety with breathing techniques and healthy distractions. No problems.

PTSD- for that I'm prescribed trazodone, for sleep. But I'm taking it only if I have flashbacks at night.

I am prescribed 10mg diazepam, 3 times a day. I was prescribed this when I was in treatment for alcohol withdrawal. In my opinion, I shouldn't use diazepam if I don't experience cravings for alcohol. I'm not taking it everyday. Not even once a week.

Today I am anxious, and it progressed throught the day. I tried reaching out to a few friends but today wasn't so successful. I was depending on sorting this out by talking and I guess because i felt as if "my time runs out" my anxiety got worse.

I decided this anxiety is already a SOS situation, I thought taking one 10mg diazepam will be more then enough to prevent an anxiety attack or a flashback. It's been around 2 hours since i took it, and my anxiety just gets worse and I'm panicking a bit.
What can I do to calm down, besides taking a sleeping pill to run away from the problem? Should I drink camomile tea? Was the diazepam a mistake? I have Klonopin as well (a year ago, doctors in the ER gave me a package of 0.5mg, and advised me to take it for panic attacks.) I never used it, but if its for panic attacks, can it help?
But I'm scared 0.5 Klonopin+10 diazepam is unhealthy. Or too much.

As for possible tolerance:
Last time I used trazodone- a month ago
Last time I used Valium- today, but before that, also a month ago
Klonopin- in 2014