I have taken Ocella in the past (though not for three years due to our health insurance change.) I recently started taking Ocella after a normal Pap on the first day of my period, August 12th. On August 22nd, I was still bleeding heavily (super plus tampons every hour, passing LARGE clots.) I called my doctor, and they weren't concerned. They told me to take two pills until the bleeding was more like a regular period. That "regular period bleed" occurred on August 26th. I switched to one pill (the same time every evening.) On August 28th, the bleeding had stopped, and I was grateful. On the morning of August 29th, I felt crampy, and when I wiped after urinating, I had some blood-not a lot. A few hours later I felt more cramps, and when I urinated, I wiped and had more blood and some small clots (or endometrial tissue.) I called my doctor, and, again, they are not concerned and telling me to "just keep taking it."

Is this normal? I have read A LOT on breakthrough bleeding and adjustment bleeding, but I haven't read anyone that says they had heavy bleeding for almost two weeks.

The cramps I feel now (since it is still the 29th) are more like regular period cramps.

I realize my cycle and body are wondering "wtf is this?" but I've never had these issues before. I also read that if my body is still bleeding during adjusting to the hormonal oral contraceptives that we should continue to use condoms until my body accepts this new change.

Just wondering if others have.